Geez. I wanted to range from topic to topic on this blog, but one day after I posted about threatened funding cuts to NOAA, here comes another issue for the category “climate.” Yesterday, when asked on CNBC whether carbon dioxide was the primary contributor to global warming, Environmental Protection Agency director Scott Pruitt said no and went further: “I would not agree that it’s a primary contributor to the global warming that we see” (emphasis added).

In fact, whether Pruitt agrees or not, the overwhelming evidence is that CO2 is not only a primary contributor, but the primary contributor. Here’s his own agency’s page on the subject for students, with a nice easy summary: “Carbon dioxide is the greenhouse gas you hear people talk about the most. That’s because we produce more carbon dioxide than any other greenhouse gas, and it’s responsible for most of the warming.”

At the moment, a click on the link will bring you to that page, but click fast–it might not last. Given Pruitt’s penchant for denying the undeniable, he may order it taken down, along the way to dismantling the “environmental protection” part of the Environmental Protection Agency.

However, facts are stubborn, and so are we who care about them. People are calling the EPA in droves.